About TransPod


TransPod Inc. is a startup dedicated to bringing the Hyperloop (a very high speed ground transportation concept developed by Elon Musk) to reality. The company has already designed a first half-scale prototype and presented a full-scale concept at the InnoTrans Rail show next September in Berlin. This will be the first step towards a commercially viable product expected within 3 to 5 years.

TransPod Inc. is partnering with both public and private sectors to design and build new high-speed transportation lines globally. From the Canadian context (in collaboration with the Federal Government, Provincial Governments and regulatory agencies), to Asia, the Middle-East, the USA, and beyond, TransPod is initiating partnerships. The proposed routes focus on high-density population areas, as well as cargo transportation routes. The target locations include new green-field installations, as well as countries with aging infrastructure and a need for significant transportation innovation.

Our Vision


TransPod Inc. intends to propose a high speed line between two major Canadian metropolitan areas such as Toronto-Montreal as a first major project. TransPod Inc. also has a global vision for emerging markets in Asia and the Middle-East.

Although TransPod Inc. is a Toronto based startup, our target market is the one trillion plus dollar global transportation market. Our vision is to target both the passenger and cargo transportation market.

TransPod Inc. will look to partner with Canada’s Federal Government, the Provincial Governments as well as government agencies such as Transport Canada. Outside of Canada, TransPod Inc. will focus on countries that have aging infrastructure, high density population and need for transportation innovation. Countries and regions such as China, the Middle East, Australia and Russia may present interesting opportunities.

Aside from the government, TransPod Inc. will also look to partner with private enterprises such as local or national transportation companies, engineering firms, and global construction companies.